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I really wanted to try to get a photo of the rainbow and the lightning at the same time. Alas that was both beyond the capability of a camera phone, and the only time I saw them simultaneously was before I had a camera in my hand anyway. But it was an amazing, beautiful stormy night!

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Think Pink

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I saw this on the wall in s funeral parlor; I don’t know anything about the picture.




Mint Condition

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Dawn Redwood

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Someone told me this is a dawn redwood- didn’t expect to see redwoods in Ohio! It is an ornamental, on a tree lawn.


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Caged flowers

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I took this photo on the way into a Skyline Chili.


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Wet Summer

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Japanese Andromeda


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I polled my friends, asking what animal I should practice drawing, and the majority suggested kangaroos. It turns out, they aren’t that easy to draw!


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Favorite Photo Apps

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Several months ago I caved in and bought a real, live iPhone. I had never even had an iPod, deciding that iTunes was evil. I had a Rio Diamond mp3 player (Anyone remember that? It  held a half hour of music, woo!) and then nothing, and then resisted the urge to buy an iPod, and eventually had a couple of Zens (which were very nice, and I still use my Zen XFI sometimes). But… this iPhone is amazing.

The iPhone is basically a sonic screwdriver. It does everything.

It has been a very fun experience, full of games as good or better than my Nintendo DS (or actual ports!), art apps that are as fun in their own way as my Bamboo tablet, and a GPS with Geocaching apps that is better than the GPS I used to have. Not to mention a compass, a flashlight, and an app that lets me find my parked car! (Note: Many people have told me that they want an iPhone just for this app!)

People can, in fact, take serious photos with an iPhone. I just listened to This Week in Photo and heard them interview Jack Hollingsworth who said that he could easily see people taking wedding photos with an iPhone – especially since most photos these days only need to be “screen quality”. But he also pointed out that he could make a nice 16×20 print out of an iPhone photo. Amazing.

The one drawback is that no one takes you seriously as a photographer when all you are holding is a camera phone.

I will only point out a couple of apps that I enjoy here:

  •  Instagram:  This is free. It was practically the first app I installed. and it just a fun “Twitter, but made up of photos” app. Very fun! And sends the photos to Twitter, too.
  •  Camera+: I resisted buying this for awhile. Why do I need a camera replacement app? I thought. But it’s a very solid app, with many features. Still figuring this one out, since I actually bought it today. Additionally, here is some interesting info about the woman behind this app.
  •  Photoforge2: Another app that allows me to manipulate photos in a pseudo-photoshop way. Lots of filters and lenses, textures, colors, borders, grunge. This has a great function for sending images “to the cloud” as well – not just Twitter, but also Tumblr, Dropbox, e-mail… many options. And if you pay extra you can access many more features.
  • I also enjoy Silent Film Director, for converting your film into an “old-timey” black and white style, complete with title cards and soundtrack/clackety movie reel sound effect. But I just don’t take as many films as I take photos.
  • Lasty I will add SketchBook Mobile – a fantastic drawing app, that also allows you to import a photo and draw on top of it! This one was worth buying a Stylus for.

Anyway, feel free to suggest other Apps in the comments!

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