A Little Portfolio

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I have an online art portfolio Please check it out!
Let me know what you think.

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Uninvited Guest

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Still deciding whether to color this, but have a sketch!

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Blue Birds

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Oh hi there, I haven’t seen you since November.
Recently I’ve been cleaning out my jewelry supplies.
I even made a few things.
If you want to buy them, you can check out my Etsy site.
Blue Bird Necklace

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The end!

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I finished 30 characters! That was fun and really inspiring!

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Turning over an old leaf

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I live in Ohio, which is the land of four, distinct, beautiful seasons. Granted, I think Summer is far too short, and Winter is far too long (because I’m always so cold, bleh), but I wouldn’t give any of them up! So this year, watching the leaves fall and die without much of the brilliant color we usually have, was unfulfilling. We had a lack of rain this Summer and it stressed the poor things out.

But even so, I’m so glad that you can see the Creator’s hand in the turn of the hours, and seasons, and years. Sometimes the season you are in (like disgusting, cold winter) feels like it will last forever, and you hate it. But joy comes in the morning (or the Spring), and season does follow season – even if some are seasons of drought, and some are seasons of refreshment.

So take heart, tomorrow may not be a perfect warm Summer day, but it will be new, and different, and was given to you as a gift – glorify God with it, and abide in Him as you watch for the seasons to change.

Why Yellow There!


30 Characters #6 – Crowned Sphinx

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A contemplative sphinx, wearing a crown.
30 Characters challenge, day #6 – Yes I’m behind by a day, yikes!
A sphinx reclines here.

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30 Characters #5 – Avanelle Avens

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Avenelle Avens won’t forget that you did not compliment her hair, parasol, or clothes.
And she will be annoyed with you for a very long time.

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30 Characters #4 – Magellian Caldwell

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Magellian Caldwell is bored.


30 Characters #3 – (Not That) Arnold.

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This is Arnold Palmer. He picked his name from the side of an empty drink can.
He’s a very curious soul and will talk your ear off.
But I’m not sure what he is, exactly, or where he is from…
A sort of crow...thing.

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30 Characters #2 – The Melancholy Inkwarden

   Posted by: Rachel Ross   in 30characters, art, fantasy

He looks so tired, but I’m not actually sure what he does…

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