30 Characters Challenge

Hello world!
Today is the beginning of the 2012 30 Characters Challenge.
I participated last year, and came up with 30 “mediocre” characters.
This year my only goal is to come up with 30 “less mediocre” characters.
You can follow my progress over here.
But I will post the art right in this here blog, as well.
Hey if you want to shout out (in comments) things you think I should draw, let me know!

For the rest of you, this is NaNoWriMo – get writing!

A little bit … unsatisfied

Sometimes I’m not happy with this WordPress theme I am using on this blog, and not happy with the way art/photos come into it at various sizes. But I’m not sure what to do about it. If anyone who reads this (ie, either of you) says “Oh hey I know the perfect plugin” or “You should use this WordPress theme instead!” please feel free to speak up. I know I don’t invest a lot of time keeping this blog pretty, but I should do a bit better than this, I think.