2014: A year of changes.

I haven’t made a post for a long time, and I apologize. This year has been really tumultuous. I mean, at the beginning of the year I was so excited to get to participate in OddMall. It’s hard to believe this is still the same year. God is good, but I sure can’t predict what He will allow into my life next! My father was diagnosed with two different cancers this year. Both are under control now (and the thyroid is gone), and now I know a lot of good low-iodine recipes!  I am the only one left in my immediate family with a thyroid, weird. This is a great site for recipes: Thyca.org

I have been pretty frustrated with the contradictory lists of foods that are allowed/disallowed when you are on a low iodine diet (LID). Some say “nothing in cans” (canning machinery is washed with iodine to disinfect it) some say “no beans” some say “no dairy including butter” some say “butter is ok, just not salted butter” some say “all beans are ok except these specific beans..” As a family we just did the best we could and mostly conformed to “no milk/dairy, no seaweed (carrageenan, algin, agar, nori, etc.), no seafood, no sea-salt, no salt-added-by-companies-when-you-don’t-know-what-kind-it-is (so basically “no prepared foods”), no skin on your potatoes (that one is weird, but it was very consistent, so I had to believe them), no soy (but soy oil is sort of ok.. sometimes).” We found hemp milk was allowed, if not a fantastic flavor. Most of the other ones were either soy based or had seaweed in them. It wasn’t really that bad a diet, which is good, since we were on it for about a month. Lots of fresh/cooked/roasted vegetables and meat, and even pasta was ok – you can find salt-free ketchup, salt-free tomato paste, salt-free potato chips, salt-free peanut-butter. It’s not a perfect diet, but it’s not “two weeks of oatmeal”.

I’m never sure whether this should be a “my personal stuff” blog or a “only come here for art updates” blog. Either way 1) I don’t update it enough and 2) I thought some of this information could genuinely be useful.

My day job has been strange too. It hasn’t gone the direction I wanted, so now I am actively teaching myself web development skills. I think I will make that its own post, listing all the fantastic resources I have found to help me learn. I mean, I don’t want to search for it and hit this article every time.

God is faithful, and life is unexpected.


I have an online portfolio that shows all the best of my best in sculpture, jewelry, photography and art. I wanted to make sure it was linked here for you to find. It is this: Glimmerville Portfolio, and I would be tickled if you would check it out. I also placed it in the permanent side-bar links on this page.

I do think of myself as an artist. Though I don’t currently create art for a day job, I can’t ever expect to do more art if I don’t show others my work, can I? So please, check it out, and feel free to ask about commissions and sales!


OddMall 2014

I had a table at OddMall!  I was next to SikRik Masks.  OddMall was held in the John S Knight center in downtown Akron Ohio, because it outgrew its old venue. I had never been there before, though I am acquainted with the guy who runs the whole show, Andy Hopp, from attending his other conventions. It was exciting to be in a big juried show like this!

Unfortunately I didn’t sell very much. But it was a good experience! If you are interested in buying any of my jewelry or dragons, some of the jewelry is up on Etsy, but it is better to just ask me about my dragons via glimmer [at] glimmerville.com.

Here be Dragons

Glimmerville at Odd Mall

A Painting of Dragons

Usually I post sculpture, but here is a little watercolor painting. I was THIS CLOSE to buying new watercolor pencils because new ones are always better, right? Then I realized that I really should just use the ones I already own. I fall into the consumerism trap so easily! But if I sell this for enough money to buy new pencils, I will: compromise!

The watercolor pencils I used on this are Prismacolors, and the new ones I am interested in getting are Derwent Inktense. They are VERY bright (“intense” even), and turn to “ink” when wet. Watercolor pencils turn to watercolor paint, so a second layer of color can interact with the first layer. But ink pencils don’t interact at all, so layering the effects is different.

If you are on the fence about buying Inktense pencils, I can’t say whether you will like them, but they are very bright and different than Prismacolor pencils. I am also greatly enjoying the Derwent Coloursoft pencils. Sorry to sound like a Derwent advocate.

Gentle Mother

Tea Party

I don’t just sculpt Steampunk dragons. I create original Steampunk jewelry. I haven’t made as much of it, since the market seems to be full of it, but I can definitely do commissions if you have an idea!

I admit I may sculpt too many dragons, but people like buying them, and I like making them. I never make any two alike, so you can always be sure you will have a unique dragon, if you get one from me. Did I mention I am going to be at OddMall Ohio this year? I hope to see you there! (It has free admission – what more do you need?) This necklace will be there for sale.

Tea Party

A Few of my Favorite Things

I just finished a new set of Steampunk Dragon Wedding Cake Toppers!

They are a little bit over four inches tall, and each one is unique. The recipient requested the antique movie camera held by the gold-eyed fella, and the d20 die to be held by the blue-eyed girl. I love being able to satisfy such quirky and original suggestions!

If you are interested in commissioning me, for your own set of totally one-of-a-kind wedding cake keepsakes, please e-mail glimmer{at}glimmerville.com let’s talk it over! Or contact me through glimmerville.etsy.com. Some commission details are here.

Man and Wife



I have just returned from a trip out to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. It was beautiful! I can’t believe I haven’t updated this site since May, and it’s almost “30 characters” time.

I saw a lot of “Martian landscapes”. In fact, the hotel I stayed in (near photo #1) was the hotel the Disney crew stayed in for the filming of “John Carter of Mars.” It’s also a fun book series, even though the movie didn’t stick to it very closely.
These photos don’t adequately express the awesome view. (Completely unlike what I usually see here in Ohio!)