More Geeky Surprises

When last we left our hero (?) she was opening a box from ThinkGeek.

And she still is.

All of my awesome friends have figured out that I am, apparently, a big geek, and have sent me fun geek stuff this year! Wow, I am so humbled to have friends that know me well enough to know the stuff I like!

Tim (of here and here) sent me MIRACLE BERRY TABLETS! Have you ever heard of these things? These things are AWESOME. Or… actually I didn’t try them yet. But in my head they are just mind-blowingly cool. Go check out the wikipedia article here.  See, this berry contains a substance “miraculin” that makes your tongue quit detecting sour/acid for awhile, and that turns all sorts of sour foods into SWEET foods. It rewires your tongue and makes everything taste new. How fun! Can’t wait, can’t wait… I promise to blog about it, perhaps more than one place – I will keep you posted. I had this great idea to let my friends over at The Secret Lair try them too.

Rewire your taste buds - for SCIENCE!
Rewire your taste buds - for SCIENCE!

And JD of and here, (AND her husband John of here) sent me a glowing necklace that looks exactly like something I would wear (and am wearing right now, since instant I opened the box, and am going to wear to the office Christmas party tomorrow).

I’m not doing a good job taking photos of this thing, in low light, to catch the glow, but anyway – it shifts colors from red to green to blue.

Fuzzy photo, but shows the glow
Fuzzy photo, but shows the glow


AND, not knowing well enough to leave alone (JB said she refused to buy these for me) JD and John bought me… MANA POTIONS! Ok, actually they’re energy drinks, but HOW COOL IS THIS anyway?

Mana potions? For me? Muahahahahaaha...
Mana potions? For me? Muahahahahaaha...

If I still played WoW there would be a sheep joke here.

Anyway, again I thank God SO MUCH for each of you! I mean, it’s so amazing and wonderful to have Christian geek friends! And none of you ever has to send me anything for Christmas, and yet I’m so flattered and humbled that you did. Your friendship is the real treasure here.

And I should probably not have set a precedent for showing stuff people gave me on this blog, but it’s SUCH COOL STUFF. Whee. 🙂

5 thoughts on “More Geeky Surprises”

  1. Aw yayyyy! Do the berry things enable you to consume lemons whole? That necklace is so cool too and … wait … JD NO WHY DID YOU SEND HER HYPER-MAKING STUFF NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOO

  2. In theory, yes, you could eat a lemon whole – though I personally would spit out the seeds. They say limes are great this way too. And the necklace is cool even when it’s turned off. 😀 And MANA POTIONS! ALAKAZAM! HUZZAH!

  3. Oh gosh! This week’s CSI:New York featured the Miraculin that’s in those berry things. It enabled someone to happily drink 18 ounces of drain cleaner (which promptly killed her). Don’t accept weird drinks from people after taking those XD

  4. Tell me how a grapefruit tastes when you use those things… and a pomegranate too (although pomegranate arils already taste GREAT just on their own).

    Where can I get that necklace? I LOVE glowing thingies :3

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