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I am not really sure if the “clay creatures” I make from polymer clay are toys or statues or what, but here are a couple of sites that inspire me – or at least keep me informed of the latest collectable toys out there.

ToyCyte – This website features different toys and designers, and mentions the Beastlies which are high in demand and made of polymer clay!

Tomopop – This website features different toys and designers too, most seem to be Japanese.

I like these two sites because they aren’t just online stores selling items; they don’t even sell, though they link to sale sites. These sites focus on showing the toy designs and their designers.

There are other interesting sites out there like ToyQube and even TheBananaLab but those are more like stores and less like blogs.

I’m sure there are other toy sites out there – got any inspirational links for me?
I will do another blog on inspirational polymer clay sites, but this one is just focused on toys. I admit I’m not an authority, and I don’t even like most of the designs, but I find it interesting that so many custom vinyl/collectable toys are out there!

If you are looking to make your clay items zing with the trends, try checking these sites out for ideas.

One thought on “Toy Trends”

  1. Tomopop is now officially on my awesome website list. Love that stuff… a lot of it is awfully creative and cuteness abounds…. both things I need more of. has some cool sound gadgets. If you want really silly awesome, try this:

    or this:

    The thingamakits are especially awesome and can really have some cool character. If you like just weird noises and junk, these will do for hours of fun. Then again, you have to be easy to entertain, like me. I would mess with this fellows for hours. Heck… just give me a drum. *bonk bonk bonk* Woo! *bonkidy bonkah*

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