Sleepless in Ohio

This Friday is the “All Nighter” that happens once a year, with area teens (around 450 of them!) who come for a night of sports, evangelism, and lots more sports. This will be my third year of being a leader/chaperone-type-person there.

Anyone have any good tips on how to stay up all night and semi-enjoy it? (No playing WoW is not an option – but bringing those energy potions is.)

Mana Energy Potions
Mana Energy Potions

Main suggestions include energy drinks & eating chocolate covered coffee beans.

Will sleeping a lot this week let me store up for the overnighter? Does sleep work that way, even?

Tips and random blathering appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Ohio”

  1. I am pretty sure you can’t store up sleep. If I accidentally get over 8 hours (my usual is more like 6-7), I still start feeling sleepy around my normal midnight-1AM.

    I would recommend not taking any of the energy stuff until maybe an hour before you would normally feel sleepy, but I would expect you will still feel kind of crashy eventually.

    I get downright grunchy (grumpy + something else, I’m not sure) when I don’t get my sleep, so I understand not being able to fully enjoy it, even with caffeine!

  2. Hmm.
    If you take a nap just before it might work better…If I sleep too much my body just gets used to it and wants to sleep too much. 🙂
    Don’t eat a heavy meal before you go out…!

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