Old Art and Not Much Else

The quest to find copper sheet continues. Home Depot (or at least the one I tried) says they don’t carry it. So I did buy some copper paint (made of ‘liquified copper particles’ so it should look authentic). I will eventually have to go back to that first craft store, but it’s in an inconvenient location.

Finally, here is a bit of old art I just dredged up. It is really from 2005, don’t tell. But I hadn’t posted the silly thing yet so I’ll sneak it into here. It’s a lot like the Garjubble. My style hasn’t changed very much. Which is not necessarily bad, but I do always say I should work at doing more life sketching.

Behold the Thunderous Ossiput
Behold the Thunderous Ossiput

One thought on “Old Art and Not Much Else”

  1. You might try calling hobby shops about the copper sheeting… I think I’ve seen it there. What are you going to use it for? (Or do you say in another post? I’ll keep reading.)

    I love the Thunderous Ossiput! Dragon head, lion tail, elephant feet, turtle back…. He’s awesome! I wonder if he’s a (very) distant cousin to the Dragon Snails… hehe! 🙂

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