Finished: Parnassus the Dragon

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long!

UPDATE: I finished this pencil sketch, and added some color, using Photoshop. He is now named Parnassus, the shy dragon.

Parnassus the shy dragon.
Parnassus the shy dragon.

Here is something I was drawing tonight. It isn’t finished, but sometimes people like to see works in progress. Or at least that’s my theory. And it’s easier than thinking of an entire blog post topic.

Work in Process
Work in Process

5 thoughts on “Finished: Parnassus the Dragon”

  1. Oooo, you have real Photoshop. I couldn’t justify the big bucks (as I am not a student), so it is Elements and Gimp for me.

    The dragon and background is looking fantastic.

  2. Thanks very much!
    I bought it back when I WAS a student, so it’s a very ancient educational copy. I keep wanting to try to upgrade it, but I haven’t, and I have no real reason. I have elements, but it’s just enough different that it frustrates me.

  3. hoorah! Looks splendid and colorful. He looks shy, but thoughtful. So is this the first time you’ve drawn this fellow?

    Thanks for sharing, and you should try blending the hatchwork with digital shading to see if that improves contrast and lighting and so forth.

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