I ought to be…

  • Finishing a brass-filigree-enhanced necklace that I am 5/6 finished with
  • Finishing a necklace of blue buttons
  • Finishing the Mech Dragon No. 3
  • Finishing a small clay robot I started a long time ago
  • Painting several clay pieces that I did not yet paint
  • Finishing a logo for Tore
  • Starting a logo for JD
  • Working on a logo for myself (Glimmerville)
  • Finishing 3 or 4 half-started drawings of a character of mine
  • Finishing a sketch of a new character
  • Figuring out charcters for that webcomic idea I had
  • Drawing a Dolphin for Laura
  • Drawing a Minotaur for Gus
  • Journaling for my part of the game night group story
  • Modding my pair of goggles
  • Praying about whether I can go on the missions trip in 2010 due to time constraints
  • Walking on the treadmill more
  • Praying & read the Bible more
  • Watching what I eat
  • Cleaning out the attic
  • Throwing away the clothes I do not wear even if I think I will fit into them again someday (ha)
  • Organizing my craft supplies (but I cannot function without clutter!)
  • Finishing a half-finished short story that I actually liked writing so far (been on hold for years, though)
  • Finishing the “Candlelight” drawing I started several years ago and still like

Feel free to add things you ought to be doing too!

Feel free to add things I ought to be doing that I forgot to list, while we’re at it.