King for a Day

I teach the 4 & 5 year olds in Sunday School. Recently we were going over the events around the Christmas story, and spoke of Joseph, Mary & Jesus escaping to Egypt. This conversation took place because 5 year olds are pretty cool:

Child: “Did King Herod’s army have tanks?”
Me: No, he had horses and swords.
Child: Why didn’t he have tanks?
Me: They weren’t invented yet.
Child: When were they invented?
Me: Um, around 1918 I think.
Child: How many people were in his army?
Me: I don’t know.
Child: Fifty-five??
Me: Probably more; they went through the whole country.
Child: Fifty-SIX??
Me: The Bible doesn’t say how many.
Child: I want to be like King Herod!
Me: No you don’t he’s really mean.. !
Child: But I want a crown.
Me: Oh ok, you could have a crown like Herod.
Hunter: I could be King of my room!!
Me: Yes, you could be King of your Room.