What I’m Up To

(No, not a pun, to those of you who associate me with making flight puns.)

Well, I had a nice Independence day, and I am in the process of sculpting two “mech dragon” wedding cake toppers!

I will have to provide photos later.

Another thing I am working on is a Steampunk necklace incorporating a brass, oil-filled compass.

If you are interested in anything like that, well, please let me know.
Of course you would probably be more interested if I posted some pictures, but I will have to do that later.

The other thing I have been doing is watercoloring a lot on little 4×6 cards. Yet more things I will have to post later.

Finally I am going to put all of my examples of “Steampunk” art into a little gallery page on this site, once I figure out how, since I have actually had people come here and look for it. I want to accomodate you! Especially if you are considering commissioning me!

So that’s a little nutshell look at “things I ought to be doing” and “some things I am doing” and “very few work-related things” when it comes to My Day Job. Which had been rough for awhile, but God got me through, and I am extremely grateful.

PS. To the other Propagator Of Inside Jokes, no I do not do assassinations, and it will not be on the new business cards. I don’t think any version of the word mage, nor any version of balloon-wrangling will appear there either, since I need them for OddMall, and they likely will be interested in actual art skill, as opposed to hypothetical and amusing business card appellations. (Sad, huh?)