Once in awhile I look at my life and say “Wow I’m not a success”

And I wonder if I should go back and get another degree, or change jobs, or move or all of the above.
Or become a missionary. That’s often in my “list of things”. Missionaries have been with me and around me for my whole life – at my parents home we have kept missionaries at almost every opportunity.
Listening to them talk about their lives and trials and successes is wonderful! I work with the kids & teens in my church, and I am sure that having missionaries stay in your family, when you are a family with kids, helps them realize what missionaries really are. Anyway this is the time of year where I help to work with the Missions Committee at church, figuring out a theme for the conference, and making a banner. And certainly in the past I have gone forward to tell God I would be willing to go where He leads.
But I don’t think I need to go anywhere today: Today God is impressing on my heart what a bad missionary I am even in my office.
I need to shine as a light for Him, to be different, to have integrity, to tell people I will pray for them and actually do it.
To witness. To have a heart for the eternal welfare of the people around me right here. My friends and relatives.
The only thing the lost get to keep after this life are their memories. Do you really want them to remember you as the Christian who never told them about Christ?
Let me just pray for the wisdom and courage to be a better witness where I am. To pray each day for this missionfield, along with all the foreign ones.
Wherever we are, we are on the missionfield.

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