Success Guaranteed

I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as Ten Quick Tips for Success.

You can go to The Daily Muse and or Ask a Manager (or anywhere else) and find nothing but articles on “These 6 Social Media Tips will Get You Noticed” and “Ten Phrases that Spell Death On an Interview”. I have decided that, while some of the tips have value, my problem is that, my internal monologue says “YES! follow this and you’re golden! This one tip is what you were missing!”.

No one can know what is going through an interviewer’s head. No one can say “this one skill will get you hired” or “this one soft skill will get you hired” or “this one secret word will get you hired” or “this one crazy tip will cut down belly fat every day”.

There is no one easy answer that works for everyone, or everyone would be doing the same one thing.

Sure, I’m not speaking as a hiring manager. And reading all of the “X Easy Tips” blogs can help you come up with some useful suggestions.

But don’t worry about “that one crazy tip”. Use common sense, and if you can, it’s wise to get a second set of eyeballs to look over what you have written before you hit ‘send’.


Happy Zombies Deserve the Best

I am happy to say this zombie pin (which you can buy on my Etsy site) was featured at !

I have 37 more brains to sell, but most haven’t been posted yet. Please drop me an e-mail if you are interested!

Mad science pins and more to come, if my maniacal machinations work out… first I have to borrow a respirator, and some eye protection…


And this is what 40 brains look like.  They are going to have pin backs and magnet backs, soon, yes very soon… Muahaha.

You can see that the brains on the left have not yet been antiqued and glazed.  By far the most common comment upon seeing these is “They look like candy!” which means you eat different candy than I do. But I’m not judging you, not at all…

The plasticware defuses the whole sinister vibe.

Rocks in my Head

Well: the cold I had in the end of November has finally run its course. I know, that was an insane amount of time, but it turned into a sinus infection. Then, somehow I got vertigo, which I at first assumed was from the sinus infection, except it didn’t clear up. So I got a CT scan, which showed nothing (this is good) and I finally saw a neurologist this week, who said it was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (and actually, I had decided that must be it, via the art of Intense And Precise Googling, but you don’t tell a neurologist that). Basically the otoconial debris was floating around telling my inner ear I was in the wrong position, and it made me dizzy.  He performed The Epley Maneuver which I am sure I heard Captain Kirk command numerous times on Star Trek.

So the neurologist moved my head all around in this maneuver and said “Ok, the chips in your ear are moved back where they belong, don’t move your head for 48 hours!” To which I cleverly replied, “Huh?” He went on to tell me to get a cervical collar, and sleep sitting up, and was pretty cheerful about it. But I had a dentist appointment in the morning, which had been postponed since about October so I was definitely going to be moving my head in the morning. He gave me instructions on how to do the maneuver again later since I was about to go foolishly get the ear stones all out of place again before they had time to stick where they belong. Anyway… that’s that, and thank God the dizziness was nothing serious.

PS. I am actually going to post AGAIN this week. No, really! Stay Tuned!

Unfortunate Food

This was from the 4th of July. It really didn’t taste bad, but the presentation…

This instantly reminds me of James Lileks great books on “Regrettable Food” such as this one. (Amazon link )

But you can tool around for a long time on his website, looking at his goofy collection of… things… in the “Institue of Official Cheer”:

Uranium Failure

Saturday I went downtown to a local arts and crafts show, which was severely hampered by 40mph gusts of wind. I ended up buying a few little things: a uranium glass bottle, and two copper bowls.

Copper Bowls and a Bottle
Copper Bowls and a Bottle
Uranium glass (often called Vaseline glass) is fascinating stuff. Here is a link to the wiki article. One thing I like about it, apart from the nice radioactive shade of green, is that it fluoresces under blacklight. I did not happen to have a blacklight with me (a shame) but I decided to take it home and test it there.
Amusingly, the blacklight I found first is my prop Sonic Screwdriver.
On the left (as a test item) I put a marble that I know is made of uranium glass. On the right I put the new bottle.
The Test Subjects. Control on Left.
The Test Subjects. Control on Left.
So I aimed my little Sonic Screwdriver at them, to see if they fluoresced as they ought.
Making a Note Here: Huge Failure
Making a Note Here: Huge Failure

As you can see, the control marble that is authentic glows wildly under blacklight. And the new bottle… does nothing. EPIC FAIL.

So there you go. Even a fake Sonic Screwdriver can be a useful tool!