Utterly Sickening (ACTA Three Strikes, and WAR)

Part I:

I am not 100% an advocate of the EFF, don’t get me wrong. But the ACTA “Three Strikes” idea makes me sick. This proposal would steal our rights to internet content – I don’t mean our rights to illegal internet content, I just mean our rights at all. This proposal would cause an ISP to remove the internet from your house (your ip address) based on anyone merely saying three times that you did something illegal, whether there is any proof that it happened or not. Allowing anyone, let alone ISPs, dispense justice without any defense or trial is severely WRONG.


Part II:


So many women are abused, sold, and trafficked. We need to put a stop to this. It is a quiet fact that gets very little media attention though it is prevalent in so many parts of the world. WAR International (Women At Risk) aims to help these women. Please consider giving a donation.


I don’t know what we can do to stop either of these things, but we shouldn’t just ignore them.