Do you Post your Sketchbook?

I am not sure if I should post this. It is more like a writing exercise than anything. I don’t always post every sketch. But I don’t always work a sketch until it is finished, either.

Since I do not think anyone is reading this anyway: Here is a small sketch that I used as a writing prompt for this small story.

Nothing to see here. A robot and a box.

Servitor Dxo-03 made as disgruntled a sound it could make without exerting effort. Venerable Galactic Lord Forzythe II [colloquially known as Frank, but he had told all the Servitors to call him Venerable Galactic Lord Forzythe II, and Dxo-03 would never let on that it still called him Frank when not verbalizing] – anyway, Dx needed to take “active specimen” to biological containment facility beta-alpha-3. And Dx didn’t want to go. It was almost a kilometer away, and his left knee servo was stiff.

The Servitor trudged along anyway, but made up hilarious [yet true] things about Frank in its head, like “Frank has not paid the Servitors their credits required by law, for the last 14 months”, and “Frank’s atoms could be redistributed over 0.1 hectares at a speed of 9m/s2, and it would be very funny to watch”. All the other Servitors appreciated Dx’s wit. 

Dx gave the box a shake. The active specimen shrieked. There was a brief sound of mad scrabbling. A sharp claw pierced the cheap pressed-board box. Dxo-03 slumped its shoulders, calculating whether the box would hold for the kilometer walk, and tried not to shake it again.

Dx knew it had not been destined for better things. Deep down, Dx knew all Servitors were the same, of the same build, of the same rigorous update and patch schedule. Which had stopped, come to think of it. In fact, the Dexnet feed was very spotty here. No wonder Dx was thinking so freely. What to do with the feeling? It knew Frank was considered “evil” and “petty”, but Frank was theoretically keeping them all “alive”. The aforementioned credits were very slow in coming [re: evil]. If Dx could get the pay it was due, it really could get some upgrades. It really could make itself different than its Servitor peers. Stand out. Show off its wit. Its spark. You know, like all the corny old vid stories.

If this active biological specimen were to accidentally be released, would the chances of pay go up or down? Dx considered the likelihood that the specimen was sanctioned. Or friendly.

Or if there would be a reward for its capture. Dx opened the box. A scaly neck snaked out to look at him, with a curious chirp. It was a small reptile? Dx wasn’t sure. It had large claws and intelligent eyes. Dx ran a rudimentary DNA match and found nothing – which told him there was no way this thing was sanctioned. 

Dx, thinking more clearly than ever, opened a line to the local Auth, confirmed a bounty existed on information, tipped them off about a dangerous biohazard, and turned around, trudging back to stealthily (Dx hoped) release the small creature in the mess hall.

It was then he remembered that Servitors could not receive bounty pay.