Quiet Easter

I wanted to post last week about Grunt, but I still don’t feel like I understand it well enough to post anything about it.

Today was Easter, and I went for a walk in the woods. So, in order to put off trying to give any information about Grunt, I will give you a couple of photos of my walk in the woods.

Unfortunately, we are having a cold and late Spring, and there was hardly anything to take a photo of.

But, He is Risen!

Finally Spring

It’s starting to look like ( a very wet ) Spring! We have had at least seven more inches of rain than is the norm for Ohio.

This magnolia is outside the office.

Speaking of magnolias, I tried to go to Secrest Arboretum last week, which usually has some amazing magnolias and azaleas. And there I discovered that it had been destroyed, last September, by a tornado. It was strange to discover everything gone, bulldozed, in preparation for new plantings.

But things are on the way to being restored. I wonder what it will look like in another decade, when things are re-established?
I both miss it, and look forward to the future.

And that is Spring.


Craft Night (Thursday May 7)

I was itching to do some bead stringing, instead of clay, but my stockpile of beads just makes me dizzy, so I took only a limited number of beads with me. This turns out to be a good plan, for me, and it forced me to find ways to use the things I took with me.

So the moral to this story is: Sometimes you have to make a box, in order to think outside of it!

I didn’t finish clasps on all of these necklaces yet. They will all be up for sale on etsy or artfire once I do, but if you really want to own one, feel free to drop a note to glimmer at glimmerville right now.

This one I had to make, because this week I bought these fluorite and silver-plated beads intentionally to make a necklace out of them. And in order to justify buying “yet more beads” I figured I had better use them immediately. The necklace turned out well (meaning, like it looked in my head).

Fluorite and Silvery Bits.
Fluorite and Silvery Bits.

This next one is “Spring” colored, and I’m pleased because it uses up some paired-but-random spring bead mixes I had set aside for I’m not sure exactly what.

Spring Mix
Spring Mix

This third necklace is a departure for me, since it’s asymmetrical. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Hearts, Flowers & Asymetry
Hearts, Flowers & Asymmetry

Finally I’ve been working on this little whimsy, by covering it with flowers.

Fairy Votive
Fairy Votive